iOS Static analyser


iDrill is a static code analysis tool that performs various checks on an iOS Application such as:

  • Checks Architecture
  • Binary Encryption Check
  • Stack Samashing Protection Check
  • Address Space Layout Randomization Check
  • Automatic Reference Counting Check
  • Local Storage Check
  • Kechain Check
  • Many More…
  • The tool heavly depends on otool from Darwin CC Cydia Repository for analysis.

    Want any feature to be added Ping me on my social media handle. I will definitely take them into consideration when scripting the next build.

    Note: The tool does not read the code of the application for that you still need a MacOS and can export the IPA for analysis.

    I would like to thanks @Mihir Doshi and @Gaurav Nayak for helping me code and solving all my queries.


  • Add in the Cydia source before installing iDrill.
  • iDrill Installation & Usage

    Follow the guide below for



  • Once the source is added in Cydia
  • Install iDrill-v2
  • SSH to the device ssh root@
  • Run iDrill